Why Defund Abortion?

It is disappointing today that any mention of pro-life in the realm of public policy is often reduced to where one stands on a single issue – abortion. But the devastatingly divisive impact of abortion not withstanding, advocating for life is about more than a single court decision.

Lost in the polemics of Roe v. Wade is the simple truth that human dignity extends to all of life; that we are created with a purpose; that human life is precious in all it’s dimensions; and until the middle of this century America embraced that view culturally, politically, and legally.

Our Founding Fathers established security as one of the first responsibilities of government – protecting lives through a common defense, and defending the unalienable right to life. Since then civil government at all levels has constituted police departments to serve and protect, established fire departments to rescue those in peril, built hospitals to treat, restore, and cure, established laws to protect the vulnerable, and even tasked itself with the aid and defense of the helpless and least able among us when others couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help.

Life was viewed as possessing intrinsic value outside of subjective considerations like age, or ancestry, or physical ability, or mental capacity, or economic and social status.

Practically speaking, we have lived most of our existence as a nation promoting and defending a culture of life – in our laws, our civic character, our faith communities, and our national morality. But to every culture, there is invariably a counter. In this case, the counter brought devaluation and death.

The Law, it is said, is a teacher and since 1973 we’ve been taught that life is now in our hands, disposable if we so desire for any reason, or no reason. Once codified in law that life can be ended before birth, it was no great leap to justify ending life before it was over. Government, once the great defender, had stepped aside into the shadows to let the beast ravage the beauty.

In the process our humanity lost, devalued now at both ends, and on a slippery slope that leaves the value of life for those in the middle in clear and present danger.

Men have been empowered to live without consequence. Women have been robbed of their virtue as life givers. Kids kill kids for shoes. The elderly are urged to die when they become “unproductive.” Dying baby seals compete for our moral outrage. With our common conscience so seared and life so cheapened, we produce throwaway children then choose to ignore (or worse, dismiss) the price we all pay to fund more jails, generational welfare, child support, broken and dysfunctional families, lower job skill levels, and endless government aid programs.

But the higher price comes when our individual worth is ultimately reduced to our serviceable utility. Sadly, we have been robbed of a precious jewel.

Common Sense Issues believes a pro-life position is not a political position but a moral one. Our view of the role of government and the purpose of public policy begins there, deeply anchored in respect for the inestimable worth and God-given dignity of our humanity.

It is a position which informs our belief in:

• Social policy that would never devalue or destroy life,
• Any policy which ensures the freedoms of speech, personal conscience,
and religion remain properly unfettered,
• Economic policy that loosens the stranglehold of taxation on a family’s ability to
provide for their children, and frees the economic engine of small business,
• Domestic policy that esteems the natural family, doesn’t come between parent and child,
or judge one life as having more value than another, and
• Foreign policy that would neither abandon our national sovereignty nor ever allow
complacency in the face of terror.

These are common sense issues. Public policy is really “people” policy. With policies built on a foundation of life we can begin to reclaim what has been lost.

If you believe as we do, we’d appreciate knowing. Please join us in a common sense movement to bring a ‘whole life’ perspective to America once again.